The World of Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. FIras Hamdan

Posted on 25 June 2015

In a world where beauty thrives and is one of the main sources of fame, success and for the average person happiness, cosmetic surgery and procedures increased dramatically over the years. Men and women have taken the time and effort to maintain a certain self-image that they portray to the world and most importantly to themselves.

Whether in the Middle East or any other region many people have undergone cosmetic procedures and surgery, which to a certain extent has increased or modified the standards of what beauty looks like nowadays.  This in some ways is a double edge sword, because if beauty is the only base for a person’s self esteem and self worth then the use of cosmetic surgery and procedures might become an addiction that will cause harm more than good physically and emotionally. On the other hand, it will also provide many individuals with the self-esteem and confidence that will impact their life in a more positive way. 
Consulting a highly qualified surgeon about going through this life-changing experience is extremely important. This is why Style Scandals decided to approach one of this region’s highly esteemed Cosmetic Surgeons Dr. Firas Hamdan, with questions about the world of plastic.

1. In our modern world cosmetic surgery has become more common, has that impacted men’s interest in pursuing such cosmetic procedures? 

Absolutely!  It is no longer a taboo subject to see men walking around proudly showing off the dressing on their nose and making no effort to hide the fact that they have had surgery.  For many years I have had men visit for Botox and Fillers but now these trends have changed dramatically and men are more open to invasive body changing procedures.  Trends over the past few years have indicated that today’s man is more fashion and body conscious and going daily to the gym is now one of the main activities in our society.  Therefore, 6 packs (added by my expertise surgery) are highly popular procedures!  We do any liposuction procedures on men and due to many obesity issues in the region the male breast reduction surgery has become highly popular.

2. With the increased amount of cosmetic surgeries for individuals nowadays how does that impact people’s overall health?

It is of utmost importance both for my reputation and code of ethics to always assess the health of any patient who has a consultation with me.  There are many different elements to ascertaining whether surgery is the answer.  Some people have issues more deep rooted than looks, so therefore first and foremost, the health of ones mind is of importance.  Once I am satisfied that they want to do the surgery for the correct reasons as well as it being the right procedure for them, we discuss in length and decide.  Obviously, having a general anesthetic is no walk in the park so I always point out the pros and cons with my patients.  Health is paramount and I always ensure my patients live a healthy and balanced life and make them fully aware that invasive surgery is not always the answer.

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