Uno Con Carne

Posted on 12 September 2016

Its a well known Steak house & Oyster bar in addition to the Sakura Sushi Lounge thats located in Mykonos Island. And as most of you know, i am in love with sushi and salads. So going to Uno Con Carne allows me to have what i want and at the same time my friends can order whatever they like from stakes, salads, sea food, Sushi and everything else. 

Their menu has lots of varieties and options for everyone. and for the oyster lovers, they manage to go everyday to get it fresh daily and serve it at the restaurant. 

Lets talk little bit about its ambience, i would say it has this romantic chilled atmosphere with just enough music. It has different sections or sitting areas as you can see in the below pictures.

My favorite part is that the restaurant operates for late hours and they close around 2am. which is very good for people that like to have their late dinner or wanted some food after midnight. 

Anyway, I think we have talked enough now lets move to the food pics

I hope you enjoyed your time, this is the restaurant website if you like to see more

Thank You

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