The Splash Fashions Story started in Kuwait before anywhere else!!!!

Posted on 31 May 2019



The Splash Fashions Story started in Kuwait before anywhere else!!!


During the latest event that was held in Kuwait, at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, for Splash Fashions we got to know more about the brand and CEO, Raza Beig. But first let me brief you shortly with some details about the event;

It was arranged by PR Passion Agency, owned by the regions PR Guru, Tara Sillery, in collaboration with Splash Fashions to showcase their latest collection for Ramadan and new collaborations with regional designers. Keeping in mind that this was their first event in Kuwait, this didn’t stop PR Passion and Team Splash ensuring it was held at one of luxurious places in Kuwait, which is the Four Seasons Hotel. I guess this is what you call “the best first experience”. The event got high volumes of positive feedback and acknowledgments from brands, attendees, local celebs and media. And I think what made it even more special is that many of the audience are more aware of the brand now and more exposed to the variety of Splash Fashions Collection.

BUT wait how did it all start? And what’s the relevance to Kuwait ? 

Long time back Mr.Raza Beig who is CEO of splash fashions was visiting Kuwait and he got invited for a dinner party with his friends. And then, he started to notice the sense of fashion that was there, women with style, elegance and taste in their wardrobe choices that got him inspired immediately into bringing something new. He started to get into it and got to know more and more about women’s fashion and needs. From that inspiration years ago to present dates, he is running an international company that competes amongst others in the market very successfully. He quotes” Splash is disposable fashion, you can wear it once and look amazing”.

After starting his journey and empire he started to go wider in terms in his designs, ideas and collaborations.

Splash has been one of the leading brands in many different countries and it has its huge client base that will always be waiting to see what they will bring to them into terms of new ideas and designs to the market. Splash Fashions always bring the audience what’s current in today’s world, fashion trends and eye-catching pieces that attract the audience from runways to the stores. The key elements have to be the competing price of its products that the brand always try and maintain in the benefit of its clients. here are some looks from the show 


BUT this year he focused on collaborating with multiple designers locally and internationally to design their own line/Collection for splash fashion, which combines the beauty of the designs and the tempting prices of splash fashion. 

He made sure to collaborate with different designers that have different audience to make sure that we have something for everyone, from Casual and comfy pieces to tribal and floral prints all the way to the classics and couture pieces.

He always believed in sharing experiences, supporting upcoming talents and existing talents in reaching higher places in their career. Furthermore, he showed huge interest in even bigger upcoming collaborations with Talents across the globe from Artist, Stylist, Musicians, Comedians, Dancers Celebrity and any regional talents that have a message and gives a purpose that will be translated through fashion to splash fashion customers around the world.

Listening to people that mindset and thought is what we need in today’s world. To have a Supporting and encouraging environment that will lead us into bigger and brighter future. 

Well-done Splash Fashion & PR Passion on the amazing event. here are some additional photos from the event  

I Hope you enjoyed your reading and if you want more details about Splash fashion and what it contains, you can click on the following link that will take you to their website

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