Posted on 12 August 2016

 I always had Santorini as my laptop background until i made happen ....

The pictures that made me visit Santorini 

before we go into the details of my trip to Santorini lets do some knowledge transfer first, ready !!

Santorini island is part of the Cyclades islands in Greece that looks over the Aegean Sea. Santorini was created of a result from a huge volcano eruption that occurred on the island 3,600 years ago and currently its one of the must visit places that everyone wants to visit. 

The wealth of Santorini island comes from its high tourism level during the season and agriculture. and the amazing thing that everybody loves about it is also its nature build or lets call it "natural architecture". as all the houses, hotels and lands after the volcano became on the top of this mountain and goes all the way down to the beautiful beaches .

Santorini is a chilled island with lots of attractions that people can do sailing, boat trips,Diving, Walking around, wineries  water sports, donkey riding, shopping and dining in its lovely mini markets and alleys. 

BUT my favorite part are the breath taking sceneries during the day and its beautiful silence at night. we were staying at the balcony having our drinks without any whispers or voices around was a scary yet un describable feeling that is highly recommended for a clear state of mind.

here are some photos from our trip with some details ....



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