Hussain Goes To Cappadocia

Posted on 19 September 2018

Cappadocia is a choice that you would never regret ......

We were sitting at home and thinking of things to do for my BIG 30th birthday (Nov 10th). Then my friend suggested Cappadocia and how we always wanted to go there. we started doing our research and everything was looking great from flights, hotels and prices. don't worry I will be sharing all the details later on.

lets just start with little bit of a background about the area. Cappadocia is a historical region in central Anatolia, largely in the Kayseri and provinces in Turkey. The name, traditionally used in Christian sources throughout history, and continued to be an international tourism destination that defines a region of exceptional natural wonders, in particular characterized by fairy chimneys everywhere, people simplicity, spectacular carpets, mountains and unique historical cultural heritage.

The area became mostly popular for the Hot Air Ballon experience that is shared all over the internet. People fly from every piece of the world just to do that and experience the beauty of Cappadocia.

Our Flight, since we live Middle East- Kuwait to be specific. we took a flight from Kuwait to Istanbul Sabiha airport. followed by internal flight from Istanbul to Kayseri which is the closest to Cappdocia. both flights were via Pegasus airline with total cost of 70 KD for both flights ( Around 220$). after we arrange for a transportation  via the hotel from Kayseri airport to the Hotel " Sultan Caves Suits". 

After we checked in the hotel, they invited us to have some Turkish tea at the roof and it was just spectacular view.  and they had this little arrangement done so your photos would look just perfect. 
you can see its a very old town/village that is filled with locals mostly and tourists like me. there are different type of hotels in Cappadocia but mostly all of them have the same feel. which is like your going back in time and living it. One of the reasons that made me choose this hotel is the simplicity and the rooms and the roof view. Our rooms gives you a vibe as if you are staying in a cave, a very nice cave with facilities ( Bathroom, Cabinets, Tv, Tiny Seating area & our bed) ready for it !!!!
After that we started to explore the area as we have 2 nights only (Which is enough). The first thing we did was going into the first carpet shop  we saw in the center ( Center is 10 min walk from the hotel). And we spent between 3-4 hours in that shop drinking tea, looking at carpets and listing to the stories about each carpet and we got to know the details of how it started and what each shape, symbol, style mean. that was one of the most interesting things we got to see. and everyday we used to enter those shops and get a carpet or 3. I ended up buying total of 13 carpets on that trip only . Totally worth it and I would do again for sure, here are some photos
Here some more things you can do when you are there apart from the balloon and carpets
  • Pigeon Valley - Nice to see and experience, maybe you get to hang one of those evil eyes on the tree 

  • Underground city - there are I think 3 underground cities that you can visit, they are mostly the same but they show you how rich/poor people used to live back in the days when there was war. ( watering system, communication, food, rooms, bathrooms..etc) it was 5 floors underground and it was a challenge for me to go through those tiny holes underground but I did so am sure you can too.( this is my happy face at the exit )

  • Hike - We did a hike on the red canyon  I believe on our own between the mountains (make sure you don't before the sunsets because you won't see anything when its dark, YES it happened to us) but there is a tiny little juice shop out of nowhere that you can find, maybe you can ask the guy in Nov 4 guys they were lost in the mountains and you showed them the way and offered pomegranate juice to them ( share the photos with him)


  • AirBalloon Experience - There are multiple companies but you have to make sure you book online and be on time. we had to wake up at 5.30 am as the bus was leaving at 6 to the meeting point and we got to see the sunrise from over 800m. they had different packages if you want private ballon, small group or large group ( ours was 12 people only). also during winter they only fly in the morning so make sure to check that, in summer they have sunrise and sunsets ( Totally worth waking up for tho). 

  • The Hot-air ballooning is available in Goreme. Trekking is enjoyed in Ihara valley, Monstery valley and Goreme. you can get your ticket for hot-air balloon from the internet and it only coast you a 75 Euros either in sunrise or in sunset for one hour. we got to see the balloons the next day while having breakfast at the roof in the hotel on our last day ( Amazing View & Great goodbye to the area). the first photo is how I wished the weather is vs how it really was in the second photo 


Hope you enjoyed reading this and celebrating my 30th birthday with me and stay tuned for my 31st.
Please let me know if you need any further assistance or help booking your trip to Cappadocia ( ps: I accept free invitations). you can contact me here or you click on my instagram page @HussainJassim 
Until we meet again 

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