Black Paprika

Posted on 14 September 2016

It's a local concept Burger Joint owned by the Kuwaiti chef Mohammed Al-Mutawaa  that was opened for more than one year. its has a very tiny and cosy space that fits up to 10 people max with Industrial/ Western interior.

So since our first visit to the restaurant, we thought of trying different dishes. following are some pictures along with the names of the plate

  • Mushroom Risotto Balls

  • Signature Fries, it has spicy buffalo on top mixed with the cheese and their special dressing.

  • Sea Fries, it has Shrimps on top mixed with the cheese, and Sweet and Spicy Japanese Dressing topped with some sesame seeds.

  • Sloppy Joe Burger, Comes with cheese, Jalapeños and Nachos .

  • Maabouch Camel Burger, this is a typical Arab meal that is well know in middle east as " Hashi" but they took the camel meat and made it as a burger and mixed with it the Spicy Maabouch.

  • Espresso Burger, if you love cheese then this you perfect choice, it doesn't have only the regular cheese slices but in addition it also has mozzarella sticks inside it along with the special dressing. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and just incase you are hungry. i will add the restaurant details that you need 

they are available on Talabat or you can contact them directly on the contacts mentioned in their instagram page @BlackPaprika  

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