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Posted on 11 December 2017

Are you an online shopper !!

Because today I am bringing you an awesome & cool app to use going forward for your future purchases. The App is “ Shop and Ship “ and its by Aramex. I am sure most of you shop online in order to get the things you like the most with the best prices.  We have faced multiple incidents with certain shops that don’t ship internationally or they get sent out via the local mail services which takes a very long time to arrive and sometimes it gets lost.

Therefore companies like Aramex and others now provide a safer and faster way to deliver from countries you want to shop from directly to your door step. Not only that, but you can also track your orders from the minute its received at your mail box in the country you are shopping from till its delivered to you.

Personally, I have been using Shop and Ship for a long time now and thought you might benefit from it too. I will take your through a few steps on how to download the app and signup for the account for your future purchases online.

 First, you need to

  • Download the app from your Apple Store or Google Play Store “ Shop & Ship.  
  • Register with the required details (Only for new customers)
  • Complete your personal information, shipping details & payment details 
  • Use discount code “SNSHUSSAIN” for free basic lifestyle membership.
  • If you are an existing client, you can just login using your shop ship email and password.

Once Account created, you will be able to:

  • View the different addresses provided for each country where Aramex Shop and Ship services are available. ( i.e. if you want to order an item from the U.S., then enter your U.S. address when ordering respectively)
  • View your packages along with the ability to display all the details of the shipment, charges and what it contains.
  • Other Functions such as Edit your profile, Setting, Help & Office Locator.

You can also set notifications and alerts on your account to receive emails or text messages whenever there is a movement on any of your accounts.
In regards to payments, the prices are set according to the shipment weight  and you can pay your total bill amount either when the package arrives at your box or when it gets delivered to you.
Note: if you want to know the cost per kilo, then you can directly contact shop and ship help center.


I hope this was helpful and makes your online shopping experience better. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions


Have a lovely day


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