Smoothies Won't Leave You Hungry

Posted on 10 October 2016

Smoothies That Won't Leave You Hungry Before Lunch

#1 Simple and delicious, this Banana Almond Smoothie will save you time and keep you full.
#2 The addition of almond butter in this Blueberry Pineapple Smoothie ups the protein content, while the Greek yogurt rounds out the acidity and gives it a creamy finish.
#3 The Caffeinated Strawberry Smoothie Recipe sneaks in some secret ingredients you'd never guess, and it makes for a balanced and satisfying breakfast.
#4 This Refreshing Berry Smoothie is the ultimate sweet, tart, and protein-packed breakfast.
#5 With fiber-rich spinach and over 15 grams of protein, this Chocolate Banana Cashew Smoothie is a healthy and filling breakfast
#6 Figs are an unexpected way to sweeten your smoothie, and this Fig Honey Yogurt Smoothie is a great recipe to start with
#7 Celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak knows how to make a good breakfast smoothie. Try his Almond Apple Smoothie, which has over 23 grams of protein guaranteed to keep your stomach satisfied until lunch.
#8 This Sweet Green Smoothie packs a serious nutritional punch, and it sneaks in flaxseeds for added protein and fiber.
#9 You'll find this in some Indian restaurants, but you can make your own tropical Mango Lassi morning, noon, or night for a filling and sweet treat.

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