Italian Homemade food from Vigonovo

Posted on 02 October 2016

There are lots of Italian restaurants in town but most of them are either commercial Resturant or they serve Italian dishes but not the real authentic one. We heard there is a new place that just opened in town and it has the originality of Italian food and vibes in it and we thought of giving it a try.

The place is called Vigonovo which is a small town in Italy located near by Venice . "       " and it's located in Salmiya at al Khaled complex. It's a very cosy place with great positives vibes inside and most importantly they have this amazing tiny kitchen that gives you the feeling that you are inside their home.

And since they have just opened last month, They only operate for 5 hours a day as a soft opening to get customer feedback about the food and everything else. Following are some photos from my visit 

Now let's get to the real deal which is the food, everything we have tried was delicious and some of the things were weird but TASTY. and everything was done by this young talent Marco. keeping the food on the side, Marco has an amazing personality and energy toward what he does and shares this happiness with his customers and surroundings. In addition to that he was living in Kuwait for the last 2 years which gave him time to understand little of Kuwaiti Culture,Interest and mentality of the locals. he used to cook for his frend and he likes to keep a happy and positive energy surrounding him.  


  • Goat Cheese Salad 


  • Frico and Polenta

  •  Degustation Gnocchi Friulani Plumps


  • Cupcake Lasagna 

  •  Tortellini with strawberry 

  •  Asiago with Polenta 

  • Australian Veel with over baked potato 

  •  Pasticcione Berries

Also they have this amazing chalkboard so customers can write comments their comments or feedback about their experience  



For more details, you can visit their Instagram account @Vigonovo_kw

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