The Story Of Daniel Wellington

Posted on 15 June 2017

A while back we have received an email from Daniel Wellington team telling us about the history of the brand and the variety of collection that they offer for both men and women. So after knowing about it, we started getting more details about the brand and review their products.

lets first give you a short introduction about the brand so you all be aware of it. Daniel Wellington founded by a Britsh gentleman called Filip Tysander that has a passion for watches, he used to wear his old vintage watches on new straps Nato straps or leather ones. Later on he decided to create his own line of watches and share this experience by keeping the classic feel of the watches with a twist of the design that makes it special, Clean and simple to be wearable for different occasions and stands on its own beauty.

His collection divided between NATO straps and Leather straps with variety of colors to customers. And nonetheless, he made sure to offer and deliver different watch styles and size along with keeping the originality of Daniel Wellington.

Two Successful Collaborations took place between Daniel Wellington and our Founder Hussain Jassim over the year of 2016. Where audience and followers got discount and exclusive pre-order of Daniel Wellington.
But don't worry you still have a chance to enjoy the discount on your next order  by using this discount code " DWhi10" and you will get 15% off your order.

Here are some photos that could help you in decided which ones to get and how beautiful they are in real life. 

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