Mykonos makes you fall in Love

Posted on 16 February 2017

One of the most places that I loved over the last couple of years. My first visit was alone in 2011 to explore the beauty of Cyclades islands  and getting lost in its lovely alleys.

It’s just the perfect destination for everything that you have always been looking for from my point of view  it has all the different elements from Exploring and culture,  Delicious food ,wonderful people,  Water sports and activities, Spectacular nightlife, Shopping and socializing with people from all over the worlds. 

Am sure you have a lot of questions in mind about the Island. When is the best time ? is it family oriented ? where to go ? what to pack ? where to eat ? but don’t worry you will get all the answers below


First of all if you don’t like  Sun, Beach, Swim, Simplicity and socializing then DON’T GO. We usually go there for not less than a good week so you can enjoy our holiday and try out the different places.


Schedule is pretty simple and self-explanatory


Mornings Till Sunsets, you will be enjoying your time at the different public beach or private beach clubs for some sunbathing, water sports, drinks, music and laughs. Recommended that you prior going to any of the below beach or go early to get nice spots.

  • Super Paradise ( Public / Private beaches )
  • Paradise ( Public / Private beaches )
  • Elia  (Public / Private beaches )
  • Scorpio Beach ( Private beach  Club only / Not recommended for kids  )
  • Jackie’O ( Private Beach Club only  / Not recommended for kids )
  • Nammous ( Public / Private beaches _
  • Kalua ( Public / Private beaches )
  • Panormos (Public / Private beaches )


Ornos Beach 

Panormos Beach

 Scorpios Beach


During Sunsets, you want to enjoy the sunset view at any of those beaches if you like or you can go have a nice drink somewhere

  • Beach front Restaurants,  Alergo / Caprice / Nice n Easy ( Located in Mykonos Town)
  • Little Venice, Scarpa Bar (Located in Mykonos Town)
  • Elysium Hotel ( Drinks, Music followed by a Drag show / Not recommended for kids )
  • Enjoy Sunset at one of Mykonos beaches.
  • Or any hotel that you have a nice view over the sunsets,  Mykonos Bay, Bohemian, Cavo Tagoo..etc.
Sunset from the Hotel
Sunset on the Boat


Evenings, you should walk around  in Mykonos town and shop until you drop from a local designers all the way to luxury high end brands.

  • Eva’s Garden
  • Ceasar’s
  • Caprice 
  • Uno Con Carne
  • Avra
  • Interni
  • Nautilius
  • Ling Ling by HAKKASAN
  • Piano Bar
Eva's Garden

Ling Ling by Hakkasan

Uno Con Carne

    Hotels, there are a lot to choose from by just searching on the island. In fact, what you need to understand is which area that you want. Our best options are below

    • Hotels inside Mykonos Town ( Inside the town, too busy, rarely good view, not recommended )

    • Hotels around Mykonos  Town, that’s were usually we stay in (  Amazing view, easy access and exist, walking distance from Mykonos town, usually ranked high )

    • Hotels at  Mykonos  Port Town,  I stayed their couple of times but I liked hotel around Mykonos town nice (  Amazing view, easy access and exist on main roads, min 30 min walk to town  but good views  while walking, usually people get bike or car, usually ranked high )

    • Hotels next to the mountains, Hills or beaches ( great view, more privacy, less noise,  good if you don’t like to walk a lot, car or bike needed to go anywhere, not recommended )

    • There are of course other areas you can stay in like Ornos, we stayed there and it was good experience but near town is better still  ( Great view and sunset, feels like you in between local houses and neighbors, less busy, less noise, good 30 min walk to town, there are public and private beach nearby, usually people get bike or car)

      Streets n Restaurants  

    Cavoo Tagoo Hotel

    Mykonos Town 
    Little Venice

    Mykonos Town - Sea Front


    • Fly to Mykonos with the best airline that usually deal with and like. Also you need to check if its direct flight or you stop in Athen for internal flight. Less transit is better.
    • transportation Inside Mykonos, usually i get a 4 wheeler to drive around Mykonos throughout the day to go to beaches and stuff ( cost around 30-40 euros ) which is almost the same cost of a car, but I like to see the island and enjoy the view so I get the 4 wheels. Having said that, if you are group you might want to get a car but keep in mind roads are busy, not much parking, and roads are small


    We could go on and on about Mykonos but I prefer you note that for a start and if you have any questions or you need any help leave a comment below so others can benefit too

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    • Jacqueline: July 17, 2018

      wow wow…amazing place this is i cant blink my eyes..after seeing these wonderful places…among all of this places i like Uno Con Carne , Ling Ling by Hakkasan these are just stunning places.. and Scorpio Beach its very awesome and i must seriously visit there thanks alot for sharing…!

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