Internal Vibes

Posted on 25 April 2017

Clothes from the Souls

Internal Vibes  is a Kuwaiti Brand. The brand started with one main goal, to see people wear the clothes with a smile, love and respect.

Nothing is more meaningful and beautiful than seeing people wear their creation. The name was chosen to express our thoughts with others. "Internal" refers to what we feel deep dow inside our souls and "Vibe" is how we transform our thoughts in our life.

The brand considered as an upcoming street style that offers T-Shirts and Jackets for both genders. First jacket was created is " SAVAGE سافج " which was a hit and had good feedback from the audience. Also was featured by several bloggers and social media platforms. And that reaction made me continue into creating other designs to the market by releasing second piece with a quote from drake's song " i got fake people showing fake love to me ". Which people showed excitement for and started wearing everywhere followed by "Drama queen درامه كوين " which is the latest design and more is yet to come.
Stay tuned for more pieces and collaborations coming on the way with some of the best bloggers in town.

Instagram @InternalVibes

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