Hussain Goes to Sharm Elsheikh

Posted on 01 January 2020

Exploring Sharm Elsheikh with Four Seasons is totally a different experience ... 

Lets start with some introduction about the area, Sharm elsheikh is located at the east side of Egypt, right at the tip and surrounded by the beautiful waters of the red sea.

The red sea is considered one of the most beautiful places for diving and snorkeling due to the colorful marine life and its blue waters. Diving there would be like an underwater movie that you don’t want it to end from spot to another everything changes. If you don’t like diving or afraid then you can snorkel and you will still spend hours in the water.

10 Years ago (in 2010) I stayed next to “ Neema Bay” which has a strip of hotels on one side and the beach on the other side. All the hotels are sharing the beach but the separation can be seen from the different towel colors. At the end of the bay you will end up in the center or neema bay where it has all the restaurants, shops, bars and clubs.

BUT after that they have opened other places that are more recent such as Soho square, which offers the same but more elevated and alive. It also has shops, restaurants, bars, small fountain and clubs. Soho square is also a walking distance from the surrounding hotels Such as the Four Seasons Hotel. Which is highly recommended based on experience

Check the highlight “ Sharm Elsheikh” on my instagram page @HussainJassim

Why I stayed there !! First because it was an Invite by the company to experience the stay at the Four Seasons resort. Second,  Because it has one of the best sunrises in Sharm Elsheikh as you can see the sun comes between the mountains of Tiran Island straight to the hotel, totally worth getting up early for. Also you can sit by the pier and just look through the Chrystal waters to see all the different kind of fish in there and we got to see the lion fish among some others.

Four Seasons is a 5 Start hotel that’s located right behind the airport (around 10 Min Drive) has its own private beach, diving center, restaurants, Spa, swimming pool, Rooms and villas.


  • The Egyptian pound considered cheap in comparison to so many other currencies. Each 100 Egyptian pound = 2 KD ( around 7 Dollars).


  • You can find 4/5 starts hotels from 60$ per night up to 400$ depending on your preference in terms of location, activities that you like to do, privacy options, group size and whatever is more convenient to you.
  • If you like open areas, shared beaches, more busy and mixed crowd then you can stay at Neema bay or the other bay that have that option. But if you like your privacy and want to have fun on smaller scale within the resort itself then I suggest you stay at the four seasons or one of the other big ones so you have all the facilities inside the resort and don’t have the need to worry about anything else.

 If you are interested in staying at the same hotel you can visit their website for booking  

Best time to visit

  • Personally the best timings I went was April – June before weather gets too hot. Or after it starts to cool off by Sep – Nov. other months could be good but you might not be able to enjoy everything all together.


  • If you like your schedule to be busy daily and do everything maybe 4-5 days will be enough. But if you like to take your time and have some relax time or experience different diving sports then maybe little bit longer maybe 7-10 Days

Here are some photos from our trip


Quad Trip

AlFarsha Café

Al Sahaba Mosque ( Click here to see the video)


First time meeting Yousef, check his account @Jo0sef for the latest travel adventures 

Our Gang 

We had a great time together, exploring Sharm Elsheikh. If you want to see more trips and coverage make sure you check their accounts.

Starting from the bottom to top: 

• Fatima @Hello965

• Nicola @NicolaHilton

• Josef  @Jo0sef 

• Fatma @MamaDiverQ8

• Salem @BeingSalem

What else we can do when we are there:

  • Diving (Tiran Island, Dahab, Ras Mohammed, Thistlegorm Wreck, Dunraven Wreck)

You can checkout this website to see the difficulty level

  • QUAD Trip in the dessert, Followed by Bedouin Tent for some tea and dinner.
  • Alf Laila o Laila Show, which combines dinner, hookah, belly dancing, traditional Egyptian dancing in the middle of the dessert behind the mountains (make sure you get nice ones that are less commercial)
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Snorkeling + Ski + Parachute and other water activities
  • Yacht cruising/ Boat Trips
  • Casino


I hope you enjoyed the reading and the photos and if you have any questions or need help for your next trip let me know.

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